The Vision of Prophecy.

Visions Glyndwr


Ventures in Creative Concepts - Imaginative Initiatives in Visual Presentations of the story of Owain Glyndwr, Owain IV Tywysog Cymru 1400 – 1416.

Y Mab Darogan

…. It was told to many a child that when the great Prince Owain was born that he did start to cry and would not be quiet, until his father had allowed the young babes hand to touch the hilt of his sword. It was also told that when the Prince Owain was born that in his father’s stable the horses did go wild and stamp in their stalls until their fetlocks bled. It was further told that on the night of Prince Owain's birth there were great storms, the flash of lightening and the crash of thunder and the rivers did, in torrents, flood their banks. It was also much whispered that in the skies to the East a fiery comet was seen to streak the heavens - and far away, in the halls of the English kings at Westminster, four little bells, all of their own accord, did start to ring, ring, ring and ring - much to the disdain and fear of the English Courtiers who, one day, would contemptuously refer to Prince Owain as the one who led the “Bare foot Welsh Doggis”, words, we are sure, they came to regret using in such rash haste. Thus, such things are the stuff of myth and legend born....

Sian Ifan.