‘Visions Glyndŵr’ is well versed in the history of Prince Owain Glyndŵr. His life, times and society during period of last great war of Welsh Independence 140 – 16 – 22. ‘Visions Glyndŵr is also inspired by the “Magic” of Mab Darogan – Owain Glyndŵr National Hero of Wales. celebrating arising anniversaries in connection with Prince Owain Glyndŵr – By Grace of God Prince of Wales. Our Heritage C.V, Credits go back to Cofiwn, a Cymric Consciousness Campaigning Society, and over the last seven years we have founded and worked with Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr/Embassy Glyndwr, founded as a website but moved on to be active in Wales and England in organising commemorations. This original website is now not operational and we are at present developing two new web sites, their web addresses are:
* the aran site details here: This site will be a dedicated bilingual Archive web site, containing much information from our old site, we also have in development an entirely new website:
* http://www.embassy-glyndwr.co.uk/ This site will very much work for Visions Glyndwr Ventures and compliment it’s blog: Glyndwr Visions http://glyndwrvisions.blogspot.com/ contacted via glyndwrvisions@ntlworld.com
* The two websites show very little at moment and are pretty much long term developments, but stay aboard the Glyndwr Visions, as much will be posted on this blog over the months ahead. Initially we will set fourth for your attention our platform and programme which will clearly introduce and indicate to you that it is in main our future purpose to very much advance, develop and produce ventures of the visual kind.
* This will include in areas of fotography and film, factual and fictionally creative, thus we shall work in both exoteric and esoteric areas, of which much re the former will be found on our new blog Cenedl Glyndwr http://cenedl.blogspot.com/ and regards the latter, visit Ogof Glyndwr http://ogofglyndwr.blogspot.com/ However, Visions Glyndwr will focus much more on the visual, fotographically you will see in our website and blogs we have made a good start in this direction over the years, and now have a vast data base of Glyndwr related fotographs. We also have much film, 8mm and hi – 8 now being transferred to didgital data base, and over the years ahead we shall be working with this film archive to produce our own web ‘Teledu Glyndwr’ via use of Video Streaming and such as ‘Your Tube’. Further, we shall produce, using this film documentary initiatives and we shall also be working to produce DVD telling Glyndwr related work for commercial release. Not least we already have on line major ideas regards some major Glyndwr Film Production work, more of which you will be informed of in due course. Very much related to this an associated Cenedl Glyndwr area initiative, see below:
Of close connection to the above will also be another exciting development not with out some very important practical connection in the form of Teyrnas Glyndwr – Welsh Living History Presentation? http://teyrnas.blogspot.com/ Much of this initiative will be based and centred on Machynlleth, and later at Corwen but do note that I myself will be establishing a key organisatiional development base for this in Abertawe. I am immediately setting out this year in association with Initiatives, particularly with my Abertawe base, a Medieval Theatre Company in form that would have existed in the middle ages as very much a travelling theatre of ‘’strolling players’’. Please note this and other similar practical developments related to V.G. Initiatives will not always be restrcted to Owain Glyndwr themes, and at moment this is true of the Medieval Theatre Initiative which will at onset have another theme to immediately work with and develop, advance and get into production asap with presentations in 2008 – 9 in mind. Please note this will be very much based in setting up to the Abertawe Area. However, of immediate Glyndwr concern are my attempts to fast track certain developments in Machynlleth and Corwen connection, the Machynlleth development will not come on line untill next year but I am hoping that something in area of T.G. Dramatisation may be put together for Corwen later in the year. Anyone interested do please get in touch in haste.
*Please note two other blogs with which I am supported, and under the management of a partner are:
* Croniclau Glyndwr http://croniclau.blogspot.com/
* I’r Gad http://brwydr.blogspot.com/
No doubt you will find these blogs informative and instructive, as will what has been our main ‘’Voice of Glyndwr’’ in recent years Owain Glyndwr Communicates which can be found at the following blog adress of http://owain-glyndwr-embassyllysgenhadaeth.blogspot.com/
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